I’m a visual storyteller

When taking pictures I want to tell a story. A story with meaning, a feeling, with soul. One thing I love about street and documentary is the unique moments I get all the time. Location may be the same, but different people, different behavior and things happening all the time make for a constant changing image in front of my lens.

Born and raised in Aruba. Started with street photography when I was living in The Netherlands. I think my interest in street photography is because I have always been fascinated with Sociology, namely with human and social behaviour. I’m a full-time IT/Cloud Engineer and part-time professional photographer. Most of my commissioned work is event documentation, behind the scenes and on-set photography.

I find motivation in the challenge of taking extraordinary pictures of the ordinary. My approach is from an observer’s point of view, in which I don’t interact with the subjects I photograph. The feeling of predicting the right moment and finding the perfect timing that leads to that extraordinary picture I strive for is what makes street/documentary photography so very rewarding to me.

This approach differs from the location and scene planning of my commissioned work in that it is much more intuitive and asks that you trust the process for a good result.
Exploring the unknown and conquering challenges and obstacles motivates and drives me to strive for pictures that capture the uniqueness of the moment.